Mundial Inc


Our Brand is commited to a good service and good quality. We believe that by creating and selling good items we can have a lasting relationship with our customers and distributors. With a Lifetime warranty for most of our products, we have been in the domestic and industrial markets for more than 100 years.

We value perseverance, boldness and creativity; And so for that very reason, we trust our customers feedback and we are open to hear from you! Please let us know your comments and suggestions in here. Your case will be carefully handled by our team and all matters will be properly evaluated.


Mundial's Code of Conduct is our commitment to defend what we believe in, following a responsible, ethical, transparent and mutually respectful stance. It is applicable to all employees of Mundial SA, its subsidiaries and affiliates; extensive to suppliers of goods, services and materials, business partners, integrated producers, customers and other parties involved and / or interested in our business. Here you will find the main conducts that should guide your day to day and your relations in the company. Understand, practice and multiply these principles. To learn more about our coporate policy please download our 'Ethical Code'. This file is only available in portuguese at the moment, but soon will be up-dated for future reference.

For more information regaring our data maintanance, exchange policy or warranty, please visit our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.