Mundial Inc



Mundial SA is the result of the merger of two traditional Brazilian Groups - Eberle, established in Caxias do Sul, in the mountain ridge of the southernmost state of Brazil, in 1896, and Zivi-Hercules, established in Porto Alegre, in 1931. Since December 2003, the merged Company was renamed to Mundial SA Produtos – Produtos de Consumo.

Responsible boldness, passion for innovation, research and development of new technologies, are some of the reasons that moves Mundial, one of the largest business groups in Brazil. Operating in various industrial sectors and managing prominent brands, Mundial breaks paradigms every day and always comes up with attitude and innovation.

Cuticle and nail nippers, scissors, cutters, tweezers, nail polish and articles for personal care; knives, cutlery and household items and buttons and accessories for fashion.

Since its foundation in 1896, the company has undergone countless transformations, always seeking to adapt its portfolio of products and brands to the needs of the markets in which it operated. The business merger implemented in 2003 allowed the individualization of operations by brand.

Mundial SA has adopted a continuous evolutionary change, keeping the company is constantly reevaluating of its concepts with regard to markets, products, processes and people. This permanent concern has resulted in  important improvements leading Mundial to obtain recognition not only in Brazil but also on international markets.

Innovations in products, processes and people management have been the main foundations in the search for leadership in the segments in which Mundial operates. The perseverance associated with the company's set of principles and values has served as a source of inspiration and creativity in the search for innovative solutions. 


We manage our brands by developing and commercializing products internationally with quality and differentiated design, serving the consumer and industrial market.


Be an international presence company, with outstanding performance in major markets, financially healthy, managing and commercializing products and services, with desired and valuable brands.


  • Perseverance
  • Daring
  • Creativity